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Competency & Training

  1. Employees Training Schedule

  2. Training Course Info

  3. Search & Reports

  4. Statistics & Charts

Application that manages, monitors & controls the organization personnel Competency & Training perspectives. It logs, stores, assigns and sorts all types of competency information. It Identifies Employees training schedules, Training vendors, Training courses required & related trainers information. It Tracks courses progress. It Identifies courses vendors scoring. Create valuable meaningful reports. Present valuable statistical Charts with remarkable overview data at your fingertip.
Competency and training log
Competency & Training Platform
Some Samples Reports You Can Generate
  • Overall reports of Training schedule based on Dates (Allow you in snapshot to see all Courses, Certificates and Advance warnings status color coded)

  • Based on Scheduled Course & Dates (Allow you to zoom in for specific course color coded information and all related scheduled trainees. Also allow you to schedule projects needed skills based on availability of trainees)

  • Based on Courses Certification Document Status (Allow you to ensure course completion and certificate delivery followed up and on track)

  • Based on Courses Status & Dates (Overall completion status of all courses color coded - already completed, not yet started and passed scheduled date)

  • Based on Courses Approaching Due Dates (Great tool for courses schedules, courses budget allocation and future projects specialist assignment needs)

  • Based on Courses Providers Evaluation Scores (Allow you to to control courses providers performance and eliminate the bad one) 

  • Based on Trainee/Employee Name (Allow you to zoom in for specific trainee color coded scheduled courses status)

  • And many many more information you can extract accompanied by Charts to backup your claims

Competency & Training Platform
Competency & Training  Statistics & Charts
Some Samples of Statistic & Charts You Can Generate
  • Scheduled Courses Trends and Year (Great tool to measure your scheduled training progress throughout the years. Looking for positive trend and growth)

  • Courses Completed Vs Not Completed (Enables you to examine your commitment to learning & knowledge perspective of your staff or weakness in human development)

  • Scheduled Courses Status Per Year (Allow an overview of your training progress year to year with courses names - completed, not started and passed scheduled date)

  • Scheduled Courses Status (Allow overview of your training progress throughout the years in one snapshot)

  • Courses Based on Approaching Scheduled Dates (Good tool to plan future schedules and allocate proper budgets for upcoming courses)

  • Scheduled Courses Based on Type Per Year (You can see what training courses have been planned for previous, current and future years. Allow you to avoid repeating similar courses and explore new knowledge for staff)

  • And many many more information you can extract accompanied by Charts to backup your claims



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