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Certified Auditors

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  2. Certification Input

  3. Search & Reports

  4. Statistics & Charts

Application that takes care of your Qualified and Certified First, Second and Third party Auditors & Inspectors complete profile & Data. Identifies types, training needs, certifications expiration dates, evaluation records & everything related to each individual. Identify future assignments certified workforce needs & training. Present numerous meaningful insight reports. Statistical helpful Charts with immediate results at your fingertip.

Certified Auditors

The Certified Auditor sub application enables you to do the following:

  • Assign a unique employment ID to the staff member

  • Assign company name and division/dept. to staff member

  • Assign the appropriate security level to staff member

  • Assign job designation

  • Assign the auditor type category (First party / Second Party / Third Party)

  • Assign the number of Years’ experience

  • Assign the Direct manager name and contact of the staff

  • Assign Staff member contact details (Phone and email)

  • Store all related documents (Job Description, Certificates, Evaluation reports, Induction Training, etc.)  in one single location for ease of retrieval

  • Have an image of the staff member for ease or recognition

  • Have an embedded table showing all related certificate types, expiration dates color coded and availability, for each staff member

  • Facilitate  Auditor Look up by name & ID number

  • Devoted section for all certificates with their expiration dates and availability for each auditor

  • Devoted section for all kinds of queries & reports that you can generate, to demonstrate, to email or to save, with simple steps

  • Devoted section for numerous types of statistical charts analysis. It brings you an instant over all data and statistics of all auditors’ information at your finger tip. Great for management review meetings and operation monitor and control

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Certified Auditors Platform
Some Reports You Can Generate
  • All Qualified Auditors List (Allow for better training, understanding of auditors workforce availability and readiness)

  • Based on Specific International Standards (Allow the assignment of auditors appropriately based on their qualification & the requirement of projects)

  • Based on Qualified Auditors Per Div./Sec/Team/Dept./etc. (Allow for compliance with standards based on each Div. / Sec/ Team/ Dept functions)

  • Based Specific Qualified Auditors Name (Ensure each auditors holds the appropriate training and certification)

  • Based on Auditor’s Certification Validity Status (Allow for future training schedule and training budget allocation)

  • Based on Certification Approaching Expiration Dates (Allow advance warning mechanism for training schedule)

  • Based on Auditor Type (Allow easy targeting of proper auditors for suppliers and contractors

Qualified Auditors Platform
Qualified Auditors Statistics & Charts
Some Statistics & Charts You Can Generate
  • Overall Number of Int. Standards Qualification Available (Allow management to see in a snap shot all available numbers of Int. Standards and the numbers of qualified auditors for each available

  • Number Per Int. Standards Qualifications Available Per Business Structure (Allow management to see all available numbers of Int. Standards and the numbers and percentage of qualified auditors available per Div. or Dept.)

  • International Standards Certification Status (Allow for easy tracking of certificates expirations types and numbers)

  • Int. Standards Certification Approaching Expiration Dates (Allow for proper scheduling and training budgeting for upcoming certificates renewals on timely basis) 



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