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An Application that takes care of all types of internal & external Audits and Reports information. From Storing, sorting, reporting, follow up, analyzing and identifying potential non-conformities. Queries produce numerous meaningful specific reports. Charts bring  amazing statistical analysis and prospective of your operations at your fingertip. Data, Results & information must have to be at the top of day to day operations
Internal & External Reports & Audits Platform
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Some Samples of Information You Can Organize, Manage & Generate
  • Manage & Generate All Audits reports and other Types of Reports such as Administrative, Complaint, Inspection, Surveillance, etc. instantly with status (Ensuring compliance to standards & SOP)

  • Generate Reports for Specific Dates

  • Reports on Specific Reporting Phase and Dates (Ensuring work assignments are spread equally & all functions are covered throughout all phases of operation)

  • Info on Specific Report Types and Dates (Audit / Surveillance / Inspection /Standards / Complaint / Third Party /etc.) Allow you to create balance in report mechanism

  • Info on reporter/auditor designation (first, second & third party which allow you to examine  and spread work loads among teams & others)

  • Info on Specific Description and Dates (Internal & External reports ensuring that internal processes & external suppliers performances reporting are monitored & balanced)

  • Info on Custodian Types and Dates (Ensuring all departments execute the proper amount of required reporting per year in according to planned policy)

  • Info on Entity / Auditee / Reportee Name (Allow you to target exact functions, divisions or suppliers as needed)

  • Info on Auditor / Reporter targeted Name and Dates (Ensuring work is spread out appropriately based on reporter knowledge, load and qualifications)

  • And many many more information you can extract accompanied by Charts to backup your claims

Int. & Ext. Reports and Audits
Internal & External Reports & Audits Statistics & Charts
Some Sample of Statistics & Charts You Can Generate
  • Number of Audits/Reports Types (Internal/External) Per Auditor/Reporter Per Year (Allow you to divide work among staff. Allow you to designate special skilled staff to either internal processes or external suppliers)

  • Overall Number of Audits/Reports Types (Allow Managing the number of each report types desired according to standard guidelines & policy (Audit / Surveillance / Inspection /Standards / Complaint / Third Party /etc.)

  • Company Number of Audit/Report Designation (Internal/External) Per Year & Overall (Allow for staff allocation based on available resources, load and budget)

  • Types of Int. Mgt. Standards Audited Per Year (Allow for proper coverage and compliance to All Int. Std. requirement. Nothing to miss)

  • Number of Entities/Departments Involved in each Audit Phase Per Year (Ensuring targeted entities or departments are included in assigned year)

  • Number of Audit/Report Per Custodian (Ensure each department or division participated in the reporting process on yearly basis)

  • Company Audit Designation Trend (Ensure company maintain positive growth trend of generating reports throughout the years

  • And many many more information you can extract accompanied by Charts to backup your claims



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