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Risk Assessment

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An Application that focuses on identifying, logging, categorizing and ranking Hazard & Risk elements throughout the organization’s operations. Develop Risks Register. Enable organization to implement risk mitigation plans. Monitor risk assessment plans progress, closeout & follow ups. Many real life examples & templates to take advantage off in identifying hazards. Produce clear insightful & meaningful reports. Numerous types of statistical charts analysis. Brings you an instant over all data and statistics of all Risk Assessment information at your finger tip. Great for management review meetings and operation monitor and control
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Risk Assessment Platform
Some Samples Reports You Can Generate
  • Comprehensive full report for all Risk Register Color Coded (Allow you to see all Risks Assessment details, their progress & current status up to the minute)

  • Report based on specific Risk Register Number (Allow for quick review of specific Risk, save you time & resources)

  • Based on Risk Observation Dates (Allow for comparison among various time ranges. A good tools to evaluate awareness or complacency among staff)

  • Based on Action Performer Name & Dates (Allow for monitoring assigned individual performance and actions taken to rectify hazards based on their responsibility)

  • Based on Completion Dates (Allow a snapshot on each Hazard & Risk progress and status)

  • Based on Existing Measures Risk Level & Dates (Great tool to discover the root cause of the hazard)

  • Based on Added Measures Risk Level & Dates (Great tools to understand what current & future preventive measures should be to avoid repetition of hazards again)

  • Based on Actions Assigned Status & Dates (Allow for spotting Risk progress status and assigning needed resources, if necessary, to rectify the hazard)

  • Based on Risk Current Status & Dates (Allow for evaluation and reevaluation of Risks progress)

  • Based on Existing Risk Status, Final Actions Status & Dates (Great tool to spot high risk that has not been handled and rectified as scheduled)

  • And many many more information you can extract accompanied by Charts to backup your claims

Risk Assessment Platform
Risk Assessment Statistics & Charts
Some Samples Statistics & Charts You Can Generate
  • Comparing Existing & Added Control Measures & Year (Allow for an effective evaluation and comparison of the risk level evolution between existing and added measures on a yearly basis - High / Moderate / Low Risks)

  • On Risk Assessment Assigned Actions Status Per Year (Allow for evaluating actions status level of progress based on the year - completed / not completed / 25% / 50% / 75% progress)

  • Risk Assessment By Person Performing Assigned Actions (Allow managers to monitor each staff member progress in rectifying his/her assigned hazards)

  • Risk Status Per Year (Allow managerial quick actions towards complacency in rectifying hazards on yearly basis - already closed / still open / passed closing date)

  • Overall Risk Status (Allow managerial quick evaluation and comparison of hazards closing from year to year - already closed / still open / passed closing date)

  • And many many more information you can extract accompanied by Charts to backup your claims



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