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Risk Assessment Platform
A Sub-application that focuses on identifying, logging, categorizing and ranking Hazard & Risk elements throughout the organization’s operations. Develop Risks Register. Enable organization to implement risk mitigation plans. Monitor risk assessment plans progress, closeout & follow ups. Many real life examples & templates to take advantage off in identifying hazards. Produce clear insightful & meaningful reports. Numerous types of statistical charts analysis. Brings you an instant over all data and statistics of all Risk Assessment information at your finger tip. Great for management review meetings and operation monitor and control.
Summary of Reports the App can generate
  1. Generate Comprehensive full report for all Risk Register Color Coded 

  2. Report based on specific Risk Register Number 

  3. Reports Based on Risk Observation Dates 

  4. Reports Based on Action Performer Name & Dates 

  5. Reports Based on Completion Dates

  6. Reports Based on Existing Measures Risk Level 

  7. Reports Based on Added Measures Risk Level 

  8. Reports Based on Actions Assigned Status & Dates 

  9. Reports Based on Risk Current Status 

  10. Based on Existing Risk Status, Final Actions Status & Dates...etc. 

And many many more information combinations you can extract accompanied by Charts to backup your claims

Risk App Snapshots
Statistics & Charts
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