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Equipment & Instrument

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  • Equip & Inst Maintenanc

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This Application combines three sub applications. One related to Product Suppliers and Service Providers with types of Products and Services they offer. The second application deals with Operators on the Equipment and Instrument. The third application deals with Equipment and Instrument of the organization. The application focuses on tracking Equipment & Measurement Instruments inventory. Follow up on maintenance schedules. Rank equipment based on performance. Track Calibration certificates expiration dates. Rank & identify current status of Suppliers, Service Providers & Calibration providers. Identify Equipment operators and their types of certifications skills and status. Present clear insightful & meaningful reports. Provide statistical analysis Charts at your fingertip and more.
Suppliers, Providers, Equipment & Instrument Platform
Some Samples of Reports You Can Generate
  • Overall Equipment & Instruments List (Check your Equip / Inst inventory list instantly and know where each unit resides in Div. or Dept. plus unit calibration status and advanced warning of units)

  • Based on Asset Assigned Unique Number (Allow quick retrieval of any unit info. instantly)

  • Based on Asset Name (Allow you to avoid duplicate purchase of units you already possess)

  • Based on Asset Current Status (Allow for better units allocation & management)

  • Based on Asset Specific Custodian (Allow for planning future projects based on units availability per Div. or Dept.)

  • Based on Equipment/Instrument Recommendation & Evaluation (Allow for selecting reputable units and suppliers for upcoming purchases)

  • Based on Calibration Certificate Validity Status (Allow for quick evaluation of current units to plan for near future projects needs)

  • Based on Calibration Certificate Approaching Expiration Dates (Allow for schedule planning & proper budgeting for third party inspection)

  • Based on List of Equipment/Instrument Assigned Maintenance Dates (Allow for prompt follow up on equipment Maint. schedule status)

  • Based on Equipment/Instrument Receiving Condition into Maint Dept (Allow for Equip categorization and repair resources availability & allocation)

  • Based on Equipment/Instrument Final Condition @ Maint Dept (Allow for Equip operation condition tracking history)

  • Based on Maintenance Current Status (Allow for quick view list of Equip Maint completed Vs Not completed)

  • Based on Maintenance Type (Allow for employing the proper competent specialist according to your repair types)

  • Based on Future Equipment/Instrument Future Maintenance Dates (Allow for Equip allocation in projects)

  • Overall Equip/Inst Specialist/Operators List (View of all available operators based on their speciality in Equip. Good for project resource allocation)

  • Based on Equip/Inst Specialist/Operators Standard Available (Allow for quick overall manpower standard specialist resource availability)

  • Based on Equip/Inst Specialist/Operators  availability within each Div./Sec/Team/Dept./etc. (Allow for specialist allocation among Div. , Dept. or projects based on needs)

  • Based on Equip/Inst Specialist/Operators  Specific Name (Allow for viewing the type of specialities and certificates each operator possess)

  • Based on Equip/Inst Specialist/Operators  Designation

  • Based on Equip/Inst Specialist/Operators  Certification Validity Status (Allow for recertification planning and scheduling of available operators)

  • Based on Equip/Inst Specialist/Operators  Cert. Approaching Expiration Dates (Allow early detection and planning)

  • Based on Supplier/Provider Assigned Audit Dates (Allow for proper suppliers audit scheduling & planning)

  • Overall Approved Product Suppliers List & Approved Service Providers List (Allow snapshot view of product and service providers for planning future purchases or contracts)

  • Based on Supplier/Provider Country of origin (Good tools to avoid suppliers from areas with less governmental supervision)

  • Based on Product or Service by Name

  • Based on Product Supplier/Service Provider Rating (Great tool to ensure unrepeated business with underperformed suppliers)

  • And many many more information you can extract accompanied by Charts to backup your claims

Suppliers, Providers and Equipment
Suppliers, Providers, Equipment & Instrument Statistics & Charts
Some Samples of Statistics & Reports You Can Generate
  • Overall Equip & Inst based on Business Custodian (Quick way to discover the inventory number and types of Equip throughout the organization)

  • On No. of Equip & Inst Per Business Custodian (View each specific Dep. or Div. their current Equip inventory and restock if needed)

  • On Equip & Inst Current Status(Allow overall view of Equip condition instantly & also based on the condition I request - In field calibrated / In storage / In repair / etc.)

  • On Equip & Inst Calibration Status (Allow overview of all Equip calibration current status and also name of each Equip and count of each)

  • On Equip & Inst Calib Approach Expiry Date (Allow early detection and early planning and scheduling for recalibration of Equip on a timely fashion)

  • On Equip & Inst Based on Receiving Condition when received into Maint. Facility (Allow for determining the reason cause of Maint and working to reduce its root cause)

  • On Equip & Inst Based on Maintenance Type (Great tool to ensure having the proper number of trained manpower qualified for my types of repair)

  • On Equip & Inst Completion Status Based on Assigned Maint. Date (Allow for performance evaluation of my Maint team against their scheduled assignments)

  • On Product Suppliers & Service Providers Performance Rating (Allow quick snapshot of the number of suppliers performance - excellent / acceptable / rejected / etc.)

  • On Product Suppliers & Service Providers Scheduled Audit Dates (Good tool to include suppliers into your audit planning & scheduling specially the one passed audit date or low performer)

  • Overall No. of Int. Standards Specialist Available (Allow better planning and training of specialist based on projects needs. Also avoid having many specialist concentrated in one field)

  • On No. of Int. Standards Specialist Available Per Business Structure (Examine each business qualified professionals needs against available registered specialist within each Div. or Dept. which allow for relocation)

  • On Number of Int. Standards Specialist Based on Designation

  • On Specialist Int. Standards Certification Status (Great tool to discover No. of specialist and types of certificates current status valid or passed expiry date)

  • On Specialist Int. Standards Based on Re-Certification Approaching Date (Allow to plan & schedule for recertification by the type and number of certificates coming for renewal within the next 7, 60 or 90 days)

  • And many many more information you can extract accompanied by Charts to backup your claims



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