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Workers Participation In Safety & Health Program

Worker participation is vital to the success of safety and health programs.

Encourage workers to report safety and health concerns. This can be accomplished through:

  • Establish a process for workers to report injuries, illnesses, close calls/near misses, hazards, and other safety and health concerns, and management respond to reports promptly. Include an option for anonymous reporting to reduce fear of reprisal.

  • Management report back to workers routinely and frequently about action taken in response to their concerns and suggestions.

  • Emphasize that management will use reported information only to improve workplace safety and health and that no worker will experience retaliation for bringing such information to management's attention.

  • Management to empower all workers to initiate or request a temporary suspension or shut down of any work activity or operation they believe to be unsafe.

  • Involve workers in finding solutions to reported issues.


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