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Risk Assessment Platform
Introducing the Hazard & Risk Management Sub-application:

Our sub-application is specifically designed to comprehensively identify, log, categorize, and rank hazard and risk elements within your organization's operations. With its robust functionality, it enables the development of a comprehensive Risks Register, empowering your organization to implement effective risk mitigation plans.

The platform facilitates the seamless monitoring of risk assessment plans, ensuring that progress is tracked, closeouts are achieved, and necessary follow-ups are conducted. Drawing from a repository of real-life examples and templates, you can efficiently identify hazards and capitalize on best practices to mitigate risks effectively.

With our Hazard & Risk Management Sub-application, you can produce clear, insightful, and meaningful reports that provide a holistic view of your organization's risk landscape. The platform offers numerous types of statistical chart analyses, delivering instant access to comprehensive data and statistics on all risk assessment information. This feature is particularly valuable for management review meetings, as well as ongoing operation monitoring and control.

Adapt this transformative solution and experience a new level of risk management efficiency. Our Hazard & Risk Management Sub-application empowers your organization to proactively identify and address potential hazards, ensuring the safety and well-being of your workforce and the protection of your valuable assets. Drive informed decision-making and enhance risk management practices with this tool.
Summary of Reports the App can generate:
  1. Generate Comprehensive full report for all Risk Register Color Coded
  2. Report based on specific Risk Register Number
  3. Reports Based on Risk Observation Dates
  4. Reports Based on Action Performer Name & Dates
  5. Reports Based on Completion Dates
  6. Reports Based on Existing Measures Risk Level
  7. Reports Based on Added Measures Risk Level
  8. Reports Based on Actions Assigned Status & Dates
  9. Reports Based on Risk Current Status
  10. Based on Existing Risk Status, Final Actions Status & Dates
  11. And many more information combinations you can extract, accompanied by charts to substantiate your claims.
Risk App Snapshots
Statistics & Charts
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