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Supportive Documents Platform
Introducing the Supportive Documents Sub-application:

Our simple to run Supportive Documents Sub-application is designed to streamline the management of essential evidence and documents that support various claims within your organization's processes. With its  functionality, it enables seamless logging and sorting of diverse document types, including Audit Checklists, Business Plans, Certificates, Complaints & Legal Actions, Drawings, Performance Indicators, Guidelines, Schedules, and more.

This friendly sub-application provides you with the capability to retrieve specific documents simultaneously at any time, ensuring quick and efficient access to the information you need. By assigning documents to specific categorizations, the application enhances ease of retrieval, facilitating efficient search and retrieval processes.

Experience the benefit of the  Supportive Documents Sub-application and unleash the full potential of your organization's document management processes. Empower your teams with seamless access to essential evidence, enabling informed decision-making and driving productivity throughout your organization.
Summary of Reports the App can generate:
  • Generate a document based on its unique ID
  • Generate a document based on its unique name
  • Generate a document based on its type (e.g., Audit checklist, Agenda)
  • Generate a document based on its assigned custodian
  • Generate a Master List of all available Supportive documents
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