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QHSE Managers Solution. Unique integrated relational Database application encompasses many Sub-applications. Each Sub-application can run independently, combination of two or more Sub-applications can run together, or all Sub-applications can run simultaneously.

QHSE Companion application approach brings all necessary QHSE management functionality into one integrated platform. 

Most current, future elements & functions that are necessary for QHSE Management operations to run smoothly have been included.

Easy navigations among the Sub-applications and user friendly approach are key functions that distinguish this platform. QHSE managerial and professionals will consider this application a great tool to manage vast amount of information.


Now we offer Quarterly membership to QHSE Application. The cost is just $299 per account per quarter. You can start exploring the potentials of the QHSE application this way at very low cost to you. After you experience its great benefits for your organization, we are certainly confident that you will request to buy the application right away.

We are here to facilitate your tasks & functions

Introduction Short Video

QHSE COMPANION Database Application is applicable to organizations and companies that apply or in the process of applying any type of Management System Standards. QHSE Companion platforms can facilitate & support the organization’s management standards and many core requirements.

It can save time & money by preventing wasted man-hours & eliminating unnecessary repetitive tasks. Many functions and tasks can be centralized to a single source. All functions of your operation can be viewed instantly with updated data and many many more. QHSE Companion Applicable to many entities & industries such as Oil & Gas, Logistics, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Medical, Projects, Retail and more.


To all our customers, we are pleased to inform you that now we can introduce & conduct an online live demonstration of our product QHSE Companion application, per scheduled appointment. We are as close to you as your fingertips. We utilize the following well-known online conference applications


Microsoft Teams

It offer free basic version to download.

If you would like an on line live demo within the comfort of your organization, please contact us through these channels to set up the Date & Time


1. Calls  (USA 678-431-6514) & (UAE +971 50 733-0813)

2. Emails (   & )

Credit and thanks to the original makers and publishers of these informative videos


QHSE Companion Database Application

Simple & Easy to Use

Integrated Database Application with innovative approach that has many sub-applications to choose from in one platform


No need for a large crew to manage your QHSE implementation ANYMORE

Saving cost must be your

Ultimate GOAL  

QHSE Trans.png

Nothing to lose, a great tool of  QHSE management innovation to add to your company portfolio

We offer at NO OBLIGATION our Demo version of the QHSE COMPANION APPLICATION. 

To facilitates, Manages, Organizes, Analyzes and relief pressure off the QHSE DAILY tasks, activities and responsibilities.

The Demo version is similar to the full version with some limitations & expiration. If you need a link to all the educational videos for each QHSE Companion section, please drop us an email and we will be glad to supply.

All you need to have on your side is Microsoft office Access App installed. Almost all desktops have Access already installed as part of the MS bundle. QHSE COMPANION is built on Access platform to ease integration back and forth among all the MS applications.

Drop us an email and we will send you the Demo plus instructions


Our Mission

Our mission is realistic. We strive in making technology and existing applications usage an asset for your business not a problem. Many times we see consulting firms recommend solutions that are not appropriate for the specific client’s business or will not take into consideration business’ functionality and personnel capabilities and recommend applications without having thorough knowledge of the business of QHSE field day to day intricate operations. That is unacceptable. We developed this application based on a real hand work in the field. We strive to make technology capability integrate seamlessly with your business so your business can grow. When your business grows ours will grow with you, therefore, we will work hand in hand with you to support your growth.

For Live Demo Please Contact Us Through Email or Phone
Support Team Available 


We are a dedicated team with great respect to the capability of technology and its importance. If technology is utilized in a proper manner it can ease our work and improve our process tremendously. Our education and hands on experience gives us the edge to benefit from this tool.



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