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Product Suppliers & Service Providers Platform
Introducing the Integrated Equipment and Supplier Management Sub-application:

Our innovative sub-application combines three modules, seamlessly integrating the management of product suppliers, service providers, equipment operators, and equipment and instruments within your organization. This solution optimizes efficiency and effectiveness across these key areas.

The first module focuses on Product Suppliers and Service Providers, providing a centralized database of their offerings, enabling you to easily access information about the types of products and services they provide. The second module is dedicated to Operators, facilitating streamlined management of their roles and responsibilities regarding equipment and instruments. The third module centers around Equipment and Instrument management, ensuring accurate tracking of inventory, proactive monitoring of maintenance schedules, and the ability to rank equipment based on performance metrics.

Our sub-application also places a strong emphasis on the identification and tracking of critical dates and certifications. It enables you to monitor the expiration dates of calibration certificates, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Additionally, you can rank and identify the current status of suppliers, service providers, and calibration providers, ensuring optimal partnerships and performance.

Furthermore, the sub-application empowers you to identify equipment operators and their certifications, skills, and status, promoting a safe and qualified workforce. The platform delivers clear, insightful, and meaningful reports that provide a comprehensive overview of equipment, suppliers, service providers, and operators. Accompanied by statistical analysis charts, you have instant access to valuable information at your fingertips, enabling informed decision-making and effective management.

Experience the power of our Integrated Equipment and Supplier Management Sub-application and unlock the full potential of your organization's equipment and supplier ecosystem. Streamline operations, enhance performance, and drive efficiency with this transformative solution.
Summary of Reports the App can generate:
  1. Overall Equipment & Instruments List and their location
  2. Equipment Based on Asset Assigned Unique Number
  3. Equipment Based on Asset Name
  4. Instrument Based on Asset Current Status
  5. Equipment Based on Asset Specific Custodian Div. or Dept.
  6. Based on Equipment/Instrument Recommendation & Evaluation score
  7. Based on equipment Calibration Certificate Validity Status
  8. Based on instrument Calibration Certificate Approaching Expiration Dates
  9. Based on List of Equipment/Instrument Assigned Maintenance Dates
  10. Based on Equipment/Instrument Receiving Condition into Maint Dept
  11. Based on Equipment/Instrument Final Condition @ Maint Dept
  12. Based on Maintenance Current Status
  13. Based on equipment Maintenance Type
  14. Based on Future Equipment/Instrument Future Maintenance Dates
  15. Overall Equip/Inst Specialist/Operators List
  16. Based on Equip/Inst Specialist/Operators Standard Available
  17. Based on Equip/Inst. Specialist/Operators availability within each Div./Sec/Team/Dept./etc.
  18. Based on Equip/Inst Specialist/Operators Specific Name
  19. Based on Equip/Inst Specialist/Operators Designation
  20. Based on Equip/Inst Specialist/Operators Certification Validity Status
  21. Based on Equip/Inst Specialist/Operators Cert. Approaching Expiration Dates
  22. Based on Supplier/Provider Assigned Audit Dates
  23. Overall Approved Product Suppliers List & Approved Service Providers List
  24. Based on Supplier/Provider Country of origin
  25. Based on Product or Service by Name
  26. Based on Product Supplier/Service Provider Rating
  27. And many more information combinations you can extract, accompanied by charts to substantiate your claims.
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Prod Supp & Serv Prov Snapshots
PS/SP Statistics & Charts
Equip & Instruments Snapshots
Equip/Ins Statistics & Charts
Operators Snapshots
Operators Statistics & Charts
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