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Certified Auditors Platform
Introducing the Auditor & Inspector Management Sub-application:

Efficiently manage and organize a diverse pool of qualified and certified auditors and inspectors with our sub-application. This solution ensures seamless handling of first, second, and third-party professionals, providing a centralized repository of complete profiles and relevant data. 

With this platform, you can effortlessly identify certifications and qualifications held by each individual, track training needs, monitor certification expiration dates, and maintain personal evaluation records. This wealth of information enables you to gain comprehensive insights into the capabilities and expertise of your workforce, empowering you to strategically plan future assignments and address any skills gaps through targeted training programs.

Our Auditor & Inspector Management Sub-application allowing you to generate numerous meaningful reports that offer specific insights tailored to your requirements. These reports, coupled with visually charts, provide immediate and remarkable statistical results, placing invaluable information at your fingertips.

Use this transformative solution and unlock the full potential of your auditing and inspection workforce. With enhanced visibility into individual profiles and the ability to proactively address skills needs, you can drive efficiency, quality, and compliance within your organization.
Summary of Reports the App can generate:
  1. All Qualified Auditors List
  2. Data Based on Specific International Standards
  3. Data Based on Qualified Auditors Per Div./Sec/Team/Dept./etc.
  4. Data Based on Specific Qualified Auditors Name
  5. Data Based on Auditor’s Certification Validity Status
  6. Data Based on Certification Approaching Expiration Dates
  7. Data Based on Auditor Types
  8. And many more information combinations you can extract, accompanied by charts to substantiate your claims.
Certified Auditors App Snapshots
Statistics & Charts
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