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Competency & Training Platform
Introducing the Competency & Training Management Sub-application:

This sub-application facilitate the management, monitoring, and control of personnel competency and training within your organization. Seamlessly logging, storing, assigning, and sorting all types of competency information, this comprehensive tool empowers you to optimize your workforce's skills and knowledge.

With the platform, you can effortlessly identify employees' training schedules, determine required training courses, and access essential information about trusted training vendors and qualified trainers. Furthermore, it provides real-time tracking of courses progress, allowing you to monitor the development and proficiency of your personnel. 

By leveraging this sub-application, you gain valuable insights into courses vendor scoring, enabling you to make informed decisions when selecting the most suitable training providers. The platform's reporting capabilities allow you to generate meaningful reports that capture the complete picture of your organization's competency and training landscape. In addition, visually statistical charts provide a remarkable overview of your data, facilitating efficient decision-making at your fingertips.

Experience a new level of efficiency and control over your personnel's competency and training initiatives with our Competency & Training Management Sub-application. Embrace this transformative solution and unlock the full potential of your workforce, ensuring continuous improvement and competitiveness within your organization.
Summary of Reports the App can generate:
  • Generate Overall reports of Training schedule based on Dates
  • Generate reports Based on Scheduled Course & Dates
  • Generate reports Based on Courses Certification Document Status
  • Scheduled Courses Trends based on month and Year
  • Courses Completed Vs Not Completed reports and charts
  • Reports Based on Courses Status & Dates
  • Reports Based on Courses Approaching Due Dates
  • Reports Based on Courses Providers Evaluation Scores
  • Reports Based on Trainee/Employee Name
  • And many more information combinations you can extract, accompanied by charts to substantiate your claims.
Competency & Training App Snapshots
Statistics & Charts
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