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#Emergency Action Plan

Evacuation Plans and Procedures

Develop and Implement an Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

Emergency Action Plan Checklist


1. Does the plan consider all potential natural or manmade

emergencies that could disrupt your workplace?

2. Does the plan consider all potential internal sources of

emergencies that could disrupt your workplace?

3. Does the plan consider the impact of these internal and

external emergencies on the workplace's operations and is

the response tailored to the workplace?

4. Does the plan contain a list of key personnel with

contact information as well as contact information for local

emergency responders, agencies and contractors?

5. Does the plan contain the names, titles, departments,

and telephone numbers of individuals to contact for

additional information or an explanation of duties and

responsibilities under the plan?

6. Does the plan address how rescue operations will be


7. Does the plan address how medical assistance will be


8. Does the plan identify how or where personal

information on employees can be obtained in an



1. Does the plan identify the conditions under which an

evacuation would be necessary?

2. Does the plan identify a clear chain of command and

designate a person authorized to order an evacuation or

shutdown of operations?

3. Does the plan address the types of actions expected of

different employees for the various types of potential


4. Does the plan designate who, if anyone, will stay to

shut down critical operations during an evacuation?

5. Does the plan outline specific evacuation routes and

exits and are these posted in the workplace where they

are easily accessible to all employees?

6. Does the plan address procedures for assisting people

during evacuations, particularly those with disabilities or