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Confined Space Entry Supervisor Responsibilities

The Confined Space Entry Supervisor holds a key position with important responsibilities. This position is in charge of confined space work and should:

  • Ensure requirements for entry have been completed before entry is authorized

  • Authorizing entry and overseeing entry operations

  • Ensure confined space monitoring is performed by personnel qualified and trained in confined space entry procedures

  • Ensure a list of monitoring equipment and personnel qualified to operate the equipment is maintained by the employer

  • Ensure that the rescue team has simulated a rescue in a confined space within the past twelve months

  • Know the hazards that may be faced during entry, including the mode, signs or symptoms, and consequences of exposure

  • Fill out a permit when it is required

  • Determine the entry requirements and that conditions are acceptable for entry

  • Notify all involved employees of the permit requirements

  • Post the permit in a conspicuous location near the job

  • Renew the permit or have it reissued as needed (a new permit is required every shift)

  • Determine the number of attendants required to perform the work

  • Perform duties as the confined space attendant if required

  • Ensure the attendant knows how to communicate with the entrants and how to obtain assistance

  • Ensuring measures are in place to keep unauthorized personnel clear of the area

  • Post any required barriers and signs

  • Remain alert to changing conditions that might affect the conditions of the permits, (i.e., require additional atmospheric monitoring or changes in personal protective equipment)

  • Serving as an attendant, as long as the person is trained and equipped appropriately for that role

  • Change and reissue the permit, or issue a new permit as necessary

  • Ensure periodic atmospheric monitoring is done according to permit requirements

  • Ensure that personnel doing the work and all support personnel adhere to permit requirements

  • Ensure the permit is canceled when the work is done

  • Ensure the confined space is safely closed and all workers are cleared from the area

  • Checking the work at least twice a shift to verify and document permit requirements are being observed (more frequent checks should be made if operations or conditions are anticipated that could affect permit requirements)

  • Ensuring that necessary information on chemical hazards is kept at the work site for the employees or rescue team

  • Ensuring a rescue team is available and instructed in their rescue duties (e.g., an on-site team or a prearranged outside rescue service)

  • Ensuring at least one member of the rescue team has current certification in first aid and CPR

  • Terminating entry procedures as required


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