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Fall Protection Hazards

What should you know about fall protective equipment?

  • The wearer should inspect their equipment before each use.

  • Keep a written record of the inspection.

  • Replace defective equipment. If there is any doubt about the safety of the equipment, do not use it and ask your supervisor for help.

  • Replace any equipment, including ropes, that have been involved in a fall.

  • Do not use until you have asked your supervisor and/or checked with a competent person or the manufacturer.

  • Every piece of fall arrest equipment should be inspected and certified at least yearly or more often by a trained and competent person.

  • Keep written records of inspections and approvals.

  • Use energy absorbers if the arresting forces of the lanyard alone can cause injury.

  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions about:

  1. the purpose of the device,

  2. hazard warnings,

  3. instructions and limitations on use,

  4. the stretch distance of the harness,

  5. instructions for fitting and adjusting,

  6. recommendations for care(cleaning, maintenance, and storage) and inspection,

  7. the purpose and function of the fall arrest indicator,

  8. a warning if a fall occurs or inspection reveals an unsafe condition that the device be taken out of service until it has been determined safe for use or destroyed by a competent person,

  9. instructions for proper application, use, and connecting to full body harness of any evacuation device.


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